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Kyle's poetry

My 12 year old just handed me his journal for today. He wrote a poem.

"Oh! My Penis!"

It's a freaking love poem to his prepubescent pecker.

Part of me wants to scold him roundly on grounds of inappropriateness.

The other part of me can't stop laughing.

For your enjoyment,

My penis, my penis
You are so small
Yet you will get big
And make me feel tall.

My penis, my penis
You are so strong
And when you're near
I never feel wrong.

My penis, my penis
It is so fine
No one can take it
Because it is mine.

My penis, my penis
It is so nice
I hope looking at it
Isn't a vice.

My penis, my penis
It is so cute
If I could I would
Play it like a flute.

My penis, my penis
I love you so
If I lose you
I won't let you go.

I'm laughing my ass off here.


PS: I want you people to know that I think it says something that so many folks comment on THIS poem, but not on my OWN finely crafted works. Nyeh. Doodyheads! ;) Keep commenting, I'm having a blast.
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