August 21st, 2008

me - wtf?

Falling out

I've had a falling out with an old friend over the fact that I took offense to Christians once again being made fun of.

I'm so tired of double standards. It's okay to make fun of Christians, but not pagans. It's okay to make fun of straight folks, but not the GLTB community. It's okay to X but not to Y. It's okay to label Christians as stupid and gullible, when you are talking to a "friend" whom you are well aware is a Christian, therefore you must consider that "friend" to be stupid and gullible.. so why on EARTH do you have the temerity to call them your "friend"?

And heaven forbid you call them on it.

People who scream YOU MUST BE TOLERANT OF MY BELIEFS AND MY OPINIONS should damn well be just as tolerant of things THEY do not believe or agree with. Otherwise, they are what they claim the Christians to be.

Lying hypocrites.
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