August 24th, 2008

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So, I'm switching from using Semagic to Scribefire for most of my on the fly LJ posting. Why?

Because it stays open in its own browser tab and I don't have to open up a separate application to post.

I like that. It makes for a happier bunch of CPU cycles, and a happier Jenn.

Scribefire still needs work. It would be nice if it had LJ tags in a dropdown, and if it let you select moods and icons, but that's probably asking too much.

If anybody knows of a Firefox extension designed to work with LJ posting which has those features, do tell.
misc - fluffy

Now trying Deepest Sender

This one lets me do tags, moods, and icons, but has no LJ tag stuff. Maybe I'm going to have to learn the tags, finally? :)
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Urban Dictionary meme

Snarfed from stormyskies

Your name? Jenn
As the world is so overpopulated with Jennifers, we need to be able to distinguish the cool from the evil. The only acceptable abreviation for the cool Jennifers is Jenn. Jenny, Jen, Nifer and any other variations of Jennifer are hereby deemed stupid and will no longer be tolerated! Anyone still answering to any other variation will be recognised as evil and or a loser!

Your age? 43
A number used by the Lucky clothing company (among others) which stands for "Fuck You" or "Fuck Off", since "fuck" has 4 letters and "you"/"off" have 3 letters.

One of your friends? Renee
A girl with a great ass.

What should you be doing? Sleeping
When you close your eyes and think of perverted things, which will never actually happen.

Favorite color? Blue
Material, used by a stand-up comedian, that is considered crude or obscene
Bill Cosby does not use "blue" material.
George Carlin uses a whole fucking lot of "blue" material.

Hometown? Cambridge
Best place in the world

Month of your birthday? December
1. The twelfth month in the Roman calendar system.
2. A time of extreme depression and anxiety.
3. A period of time that is the outcome of the dissipation of a romantic relationship.

Last person you talked to? Sam
1. Usually a male with an extremely large cock with bulgy veins and a big proud head. 2. Sexy Attractive Male
"Hi I'm a sexy attractive male, but you can call me Sam for short."
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