October 11th, 2008

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Makin' a quilt!

So, today I went shopping with Frances from church for fabric to make a quilt.

I bought beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows, with a nice black calico for the edges of the squares. It's going to be striking. I'm doing a very simple none patch design. This quilt will be a gift for somebody I love dearly, but I have no idea how long it will take me. Probably forever.

But when it's done, it's going to be gorgeous. And a true labor of love for somebody who makes my life infinitely better, just by BEING.

When I complete a square I'll take a pic.

I'm also working on bears and kitties and etc. Fun fun FUN! Evan has two birthday parties to go to this month, and he will give each of the kids a bear made by me.

One of the parties is for a girl in his class, Sterling. This girl is the nicest kid. I go to the school every week to have lunch with Evan, on Wednesdays. And every week, Evan finishes his food and bolts for recess, which is fine by me, but Sterling always stays and talks to me for the rest of the lunch period. When I called her mother to RSVP for Evan, her mom said: "So YOU are Mrs. McWhorter! Sterling talks about you all the time, she just loves you!" I told her mom that the feeling is mutual, that Sterling is a charming, polite, and interesting young lady that any mother would be proud of. I could hear her puffing up with pride as I spoke, seriously. And I meant every word, I really like that girl. One of these days we'll have to invite her over here for a visit and supper, if Evan is okay with that. Maybe we can bake cookies on that day. That would be loads of fun.

We got all the report cards in. Ian who was a consistently A and B report card kid for all of his previous time in public school got his very first ALL A report card! We're beaming with pride.

Evan, for some reason we can't figure out, got his first NOT ALL A report card. He pulled a B in language arts. Looking over the report, he scored 100% on every test, 90s on all of his homework, but his classword was oddly sketchy, some 100s, some in the 70s. This makes no sense to me, unless he's rushing his work.

Sean pulled mostly As, a B in geometry, and a C in English. Not pleased about the C. Not really thrilled about the B either, as he can DO that work. We know that his problem with both classes is rushing it, and failing to turn in his homework, and since we know what the trouble is there, we expect to see a turnaround on the next report card. My biggest concern about Sean's report card? That one unexplained UNEXCUSED absence in English class. Need to talk to his teacher to figure out what that was, as he either cut the class, was called out for IEP stuff and not properly marked as an excused absence, or incorrectly marked instead of another kid in the book. Mr. Williams is pretty on the ball and aware of his classroom, so if Sean was not there, he will remember. I really hope it was just an error, and not Sean cutting a class. I don't feel like killing him this week.

So we decided last week before report cards came in that you get $10 if it's all As, $5 if there are As and Bs, and sorry charlie, let's get those grades up if there's anything less than a B. Sean is not thrilled. But we'd been telling them all since school started that good report cards would be rewarded. And that's that.

Weird Christmas present idea:

We are considering buying Sean a lawnmower. He would have plenty of customers right here on our street, guaranteed, so long as his work was thorough and his price reasonable. So we were thinking of getting him started in his own business. He wants a lot of things we just can't afford: his own cell phone. A laptop, etc. Money to buy his new girlfriend roses and cards and jewelry. And he just can't do that stuff on $20 a month allowance. So we're thinking he CAN mow lawns on Saturdays and make a few bucks for himself. If he has a mower. And possibly an edger, too.. that would make a birthday present. ;)

Ian's big present is a no brainer. He wants an MP3 player so bad he can taste it. And we found one at Fry's that has a two inch diagonal screen, 4 gigs of storage, and plays video as well as music.. and he's a budding film maker with a camcorder.

Evan is the truly tough one this year. I have NO CLUE what to get for that child. He's got an MP3 player, has no interest in film making or photography. He got a new bicycle for his birthday in July, so that's out. He loves doing arts and crafts, and I am considering putting together a big rubbermaid storage thing stuffed with things for that. Or possibly buying him a small loom. He REALLY wants to learn to weave, and they make some really far out miniature looms for good prices.

Anyways. Off to mock up my quilt in Photoshop! :)
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Quilt mockup

I just mocked up the quilt in Photoshop. It's going to be gorgeous! The fabrics shown are not the same as the ones I purchased, but the general look of them is very close, and the colors are spot on. This quilt will be a throw for a chair or sofa, not intended to be big enough to put on to a bed.

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Accountability, ethics, and political motivation

If voters believe the report's finding and it tarnishes Palin's reputation as a reformer and a champion for good government, that could hurt Republican presidential nominee John McCain in the final weeks of the race.

The McCain campaign quickly rejected that notion.

"I think the American people can tell the difference between the results of a politically motivated investigation and a legitimate finding of fact," campaign spokesman Taylor Griffin said.

Oh, like, ya know, the difference between a report put out by Sarah Palin and John McCain's campaign saying she didn't do anything wrong, versus a report by a BIPARTISAN COMMITTEE that says that she did? Golly gee you betcha! *wink*

Sarah, you told the people of Alaska to hold you accountable. Then you backtracked on that, refused to answer questions, your people refused to answer questions..

So anyways. Somebody please help me to understand. How is it politically motivated for there to be an investigation that the focus thereof actually said she welcomed.. and which was led by a bipartisan committee, and STILL found her ethics dead wrong?

Were the Republicans on the committee really Democrats in disguise? Did Palin's statement "HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE" actually have fine print reading "unless I'm chosen as McCain's running mate"?

I hate these people.

If they steal this election too, I will be right there at the forefront of the eight years overdue Revolution. And I am proud to be able to say that I think most of my close friends will be standing right beside me.