October 17th, 2008

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Big Girls are BEAUTIFUL

I love this.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) lyrics

Big girl you are beautiful

Walks in to the room
Feels like a big balloon
I said, 'Hey girls you are beautiful'
Diet coke and a pizza please
Diet coke I'm on my knees
Screaming 'Big girl you are beautiful'

You take your skinny girls
Feel like I'm gonna die
Cos a real woman
Needs a real man is why

You take your girl
And multiply her by four
Now a whole lotta woman
Needs a whole lot more

Get yourself to the Butterfly Lounge
Find yourself a big lady
Big boy come on around
And they'll be calling you baby

No need to fantasize
Since I was in my braces
A watering hole
With the girls around
And curves in all the right places

Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful

(from here the lyrics just repeat)
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Men and penises

Two of my favorite subjects.

I was wondering if I'm the only one out there who has realized this.

Many men consider their cars to basically be penile extensions.

So why is it that those men like the smallest and fastest cars around?

Do they long for miniscule genitalia and the ability to prematurely ejaculate?

I should not be allowed to wax philosophical.
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