October 22nd, 2008

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Let's talk about real family values

Everybody knows that John McCain divorced his disabled wife to marry a former beauty queen seventeen years his junior. He also basically turned his back on his first wife's two sons, whom he had adopted when he married her. He put the daughter Carol McCain and he had through college, but not the sons he had adopted, the sons that he was morally and ethically bound to treat as his own, forever - adoption doesn't disappear when you divorce. Nice touch. Divorce the mother, nullify the adoptions. I love those family values. NOT

On the other hand, we have Barack Obama. One wife. No divorce. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking this makes him some sort of saint, and I sure don't think divorce is an evil thing, I've done it twice myself. But which of these two men is showing the better family, nay, MORAL values? The one who sleeps around on and walks away from his crippled wife and remarries? Or the one who is still married to his ONLY wife?

Let's add another thing into this equation.

Barack Obama is currently in Hawai'i, visiting his grandmother, who is possibly on her death bed. The news sure makes it sound like she is.

He has put his campaign on hold to be there with the woman who was instrumental in raising him up to be a man of character and principles. The most important thing he can think of to be doing right now, with the election two weeks away, is to be at the bedside of his beloved grandmother, letting her know how much she is loved by him - enough that he will take the time from something as crucial as the last two weeks of a presidential campaign to be with her.

Now, those are family values that mean something.

Good on you, Senator Obama. Good on you.

I am SO voting for That One.
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Powell, Obama and racism in America

So General Colin Powell, a man I have always respected, even if I didn't agree with his politics, has endorsed Barack Obama. Not just endorsed him, but SOUNDLY endorsed him, citing many reasons he has done so versus why he isn't backing McCain. Good, solid, well thought out reasons that make perfect sense.

So why is it today that I am hearing and reading comments about how he's only supporting Obama because they are both black men?

Racism pisses me off.

I've also been thinking about the conservative right's continually pointing out that Barrack Obama's middle name is Hussein, as if this makes him another Saddam Hussein. And the accusations that he is Muslim because his father happened to be.

The woman who gave birth to me is a psycho hose beast. Does that make me one? Hold on.. scratch that.

Anyways. About "Hussein" and Muslim..

All this really is is more racism, thinly veiled under a concern that OMG we might elect a terrorist sympathizer! Overwhelmingly, Muslims are people of darker skin tones. In America, a black man with an Arabic sort of name tends to be a Muslim, or the child of Muslims.

And anybody who says they aren't voting for Obama because he's a Muslim?

What they are really saying, just under the surface, is "I'm not voting for a nigger."

Yes, I said the N word.

May all racists end up like Archie Bunker, having their lives saved by a blood transfusion from a black person.