January 22nd, 2009

family - sam

Men's retreat

Sam is going on a retreat with the men from church tomorrow. I'm kind of amazed that he's willing to go, considering how shy and withdrawn he usually is.

Except that he isn't so much any more.

Since his baptism, Sam has really started coming out of his shell. People at church comment on it to me all the time, that where he used to hide in the back pews before and after church, he now wanders around talking to people, helping the little old church ladies to their seats, giving and getting hugs, the whole nine yards.

It's really cool watching him stretch his wings out like this. I like it. :)

Just sayin'.

This should shut up all the naysayers

There's been a fair amount of noise about the oath taken by President Obama the other day, that because of the flub he wasn't president, that Roberts purposely screwed up the oath so that Obama's presidency would be null and void, etc.

So Roberts and Obama rectified this and shut them all up last night. Thank goodness.

family - amy

18 years

At 1:58 PM here in Texas, my daughter Amy will be 18 years old. Time has flown.

Just yesterday I heard a squalling and felt the universe move over just a little to make room for a new life.

Just yesterday she was two years old and the cutest little thing I'd ever seen.

Just yesterday I was watching her learn how to ride a bike.

Just yesterday she was missing two teeth, right smack dab in front.

Just yesterday she was going off to day camp for the first time.

Just yesterday she wasn't cute she was "pretty and COOL!", she was learning to read, learning to use a computer, picking up a guitar for the first time, receiving her first communion, turning into a young woman, getting a volunteer job, finishing high school, starting college.

Just yesterday she was still a child. Today she's an adult.

Time flies, and wow, has she grown.

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And, while I'm on the subject of birthdays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO gina_gwynne!!!
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Repost of a very old post

When my first husband Koji and I got married, we used some of Stevie Wonder's Lyrics in our wedding ceremony. A couple of verses from "As", on the Songs in the Key of Life album. Yes, album. They were still using vinyl back in those days. No CDs yet. The Dark Ages, as Amy terms them.

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