February 19th, 2009

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The china

The first 8 place settings have arrived. I've never received an item from eBay that was so well packed, I'm really impressed by that seller!

The china is beautiful, every bit of what I remember from Grammy's kitchen.

Just waiting on four more place settings and the completer set.

family - sean

I am overwhelmed with pride!

My darling son, Sean, (the sixteen year old, for those of you keeping score at home) just told us of an amazing accomplishment he made in school today!

At lunch time, my wonderful, amazing son managed to stuff not ten, not fifty, not one hundred, but ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY mini marshmallows into his maw, without pouching out his cheeks at all! The next closest at the table only managed 80.

Most parents have lame children who merely get good grades or excel in sports or win good citizenship awards.

MY son is the Champion Marshmallow Stuffer of Ponder High School. Huzzah!

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This is the blanket I crocheted for Amy a couple of years ago. She adores it. I promised pics ages ago, so here it is. That afghan is double bed sized.

PS: Do I REALLY have to photoshop the kitten outta there? Nevermind the kitten, ph34r my mad crochet skillz! :D (and admire Pong, it will make Amy happy!)
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