March 3rd, 2009

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You meet somebody nifty and then they move away!


Sean is on the school debate team. His teacher, Mrs. S, has had a bit of a struggle with him, but she always emails me that his progress is good and that he's generally a great kid to have in class. We've talked on the phone a few times, and we inevitably start laughing over life's peccadillos.

Yesterday she called me. She was feeling blue, she said, and she thought: I'll call Mrs. McWhorter, she always cheers me up! (I was very flattered by this!)

So she calls, tells me she's down in the dumps, and I say, hey, let's go get a cup of coffee!

We meet at the coffee shop and we had the NICEST visit. I really like this woman.

And then I find out.. she's retiring at the end of the school year and moving to El Paso.

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