June 26th, 2009

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Weird religion stuff


This afternoon my phone rings, and it's Monsignor King from Immaculate Conception Church.

Because, you see, about two years ago I got my annulment papers from the jerkoff sent to ICC in prep for the wedding that's coming off in a month at Ponder United Methodist Church. But see, Msgr King was loathe to bless our marriage unless Sam went to RCIA and became Catholic. Which was, for me, one of the final straws on this Catholic camel's back, and which is a large part of why I began exploring other churches.

And two years later, Msgr King calls me. And says, so hey, when are we doing this wedding, and I say, hey, we're doing it in August, wanna come?

And he tells me that because I've joined a *gasp* Protestant church, that I've lost all hope of salvation.

I told him very politely to stick it up his cassock and slammed the phone down in his ear. I'm amazed I didn't cuss a blue streak at the bastard.
family - dad and me


Why am I missing my father so much today? I went from talking with my friend Tracey about what an utter putz former WBCN disc jockey Charles Laquidera was/is, to thinking about my father and wishing I knew more about him as a person.

I was seventeen when he died. I was just beginning to realize that he was pretty smart, pretty cool, and a person other than just Daddy.

I never really got a chance to know him, and that bugs the hell out of me.

Cancer is a bitch.
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Friday Five

1. If you can only hear one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Keith Green, Create In Me A Clean Heart

2. What one song would you like to be played on your funeral?

See above

3. What one song that is best to describe your feeling right now?

Mike & The Mechanics, The Living Years

4. What one song would you like to hear when you're sad and depressed?

Boston, Hitch A Ride

5. What one song that you wished you have written?

See #3

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