August 21st, 2009

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Firstly: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

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Have you ever lied to a teacher to get out of a deadline?

What kind of magazines do you read?
Only National Geographic.

What's your occupation?
Wife, mom, writer, arteeste!

What's really creepy?
All the toads that congregate on my front porch every night.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Sean Connery

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?

What are you listening to right now?

What are you most excited for?
Kids go back to school Monday!

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Facebook, Yahoo, LJ

What was the last thing you bought?
A mango smoothie. NOM!

What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
An adorable one year old little boy at the doctor's office with the most marvelous curls.

Does the weather affect your mood?

What is your zodiac sign?
I don't do zodiac

Do you want to learn another language?
I'm currently studying "clean language". It's difficult.

5 things you can't live without:
Jesus, Sam, my kids, my friends, my wheelchair

Do you have any siblings?
A wonderful sister, two half brothers, one "step" brother

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
Give Grammy a hug!

Do you have to pee?
Yes, actually.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Nobody tagged me

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So, day before yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. Or our eleven day anniversary if you count from the renewal. :)

Five years have gone by so fast. When I met Sam, Amy was 13 years old and in junior high school. Now she's graduated high school and is well started in college.

Sean was eleven years old. Ian was about to turn nine, and Evan was only six. Now Sean is sixteen, Ian fourteen, and my baby Evan is eleven. The two older ones are very deep baritones.

Sam was working on his Master's degree at UTSA. He's very close to starting his doctoral dissertation now at UNT.

And when I met this wonderful man, I was freshly out of the psychiatric ward after a very serious suicide attempt following the explosion of my then marriage. I saw nothing worth living for, not even my beloved little girl, my beloved big girl, or my grandchildren. I had no hope, no faith, no dreams.

I remember once, early on, Sam asking me about my dreams, what did I want to do with my life.. and I burst into tears, because I had none.

Now? Now I have dreams. To see my kids grow up, become productive and happy adults with families of their own. To see my husband get that PhD. To see myself do.. I'm still not sure what, but there's something out there for me to do once Sam is settled in a job and the kids are needing less of me. I am unsure yet as to what it is, but when I see it, I'll recognize it and grab it.

And Sam and I?

We're solid. Happy. Together. Five years, and it only feels like eleven days have passed.

And that's the best part.

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Medical stuff

Okay, so it's no big secret that I'm somewhat incontinent due to pregnancies, weight, and chronic UTIs.

Every month, Medicaid sends me six bags of adult diapers, which I love because I never have to wash underpants, and I can change them as often as I need to, and they make me feel more secure, not to mention the fact that they're convenient as anything. This saves me a lot of money every month, because those things are NOT cheap. Not to mention, the ones they send me FIT, where the biggest ones I can get at the stores are a wee bit too snug and tear easily as a result.

Along with those, they send me four packages of adult diaper wipeys which are awesome to have, two tubes of this incredible ointment for if I get rashes, and six packages of those blue disposable underpads for beds and chairs.

I don't NEED all of this, and have told Medicaid this, but apparently their bureacracy cannot manage to send just what I need and no more. So I've got tons of extra wipeys (I use maybe half of what they send each month on those) and boatloads of extra underpads, and tons of extra ointment.

And I've been feeling guilty about taxpayer money buying things I don't need. Very guilty. I hate waste more than just about anything.

Today I figured out what to do with the extra. There is a wonderful lady in my church, quite elderly, who is in badly declining health and is mostly bedridden. She also has incontinence problems.

I called her daughter in law this afternoon and asked if they could use ointment, wipes, and underpads. My diapers would never fit her, and even if they did, THOSE I use.

The D-I-L was over the MOON at my offer. Medicare (very different from Medicaid) does not and will not pay for B's incontinence supplies, and she and her husband live on social security, so not much spare money. B's son and DIL have been paying for most of that stuff out of their pockets, and while they're not flat broke, they certainly aren't rich, either. Every penny saved is a good thing.

So my extras each month will be going to a worthy person who needs them and I can feel unguilty about the waste.

I know this might sound weird, but this is one of the blessings of belonging to a church community. Being able to easily find somebody to share a blessing with when you've been more blessed than you need. :)

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