December 22nd, 2009

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I can see clearly now...

Sam and Sean are hard on their glasses. Really hard. We all got new glasses about six months ago, and Sean's are held together by wire now at both temples, and Sam's are held together with electrical tape on one temple. Mine are fine, but I don't like the size of the lenses, too small.

So I just ordered three new pairs at - one for each of us. For less than $99 for all three pairs, and one of those pairs is bifocal! The broken ones and the too small ones can go in the drawer as spares.

Ordered Sam and Sean the same frames as they had last time, I ordered myself the same frames Sam has, round ones, but a good size. I tried his on the other week and really liked how I looked in them.

So here's to clear vision! :)
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More Christmas

Sam and I hit Walmart at 230 this morning. No crowds, no lines, easy peasy!

Got each boy a couple of packs of underpants and socks. Also found some cool t-shirts:

Ian: Mr Potato Head with his eye on the ground, says PIECE OUT
Sean: The internet was down, so I decided to come outside
Evan: Cow talking to milk: Milk, I am your FATHER! (milk, cowering) NOOOOO!

Also got Sam a GO TO JAIL monopoly space shirt, and me a blue shirt with Cookie Monster's face all over it.

Ordered full/queen size down comforters for all three boys. They were twenty bucks cheaper than the twin size! We'll have them in time for Christmas.

I can't remember what else we got!

Oh, hats and gloves for each boy! And something else but.. what WAS it?

Oh, yes. Ian needs a shaver, so we got him one. And Sean needs new glasses, so I ordered him some. Not really Christmas gifties, more necessities, but now is as good a time as any. There's something else for Evan but I can't for the life of me remember what.

Well, put this all together with their BIG presents (Sean: iPod touch, Evan: good digital camera, tripod, camera bag, light studio, SD card, Ian: BASIC STAMP expansion game designer kit, don't ask, I can't explain!) and the stuff coming in from various relatives and friends around the country, I think they'll be pretty happy.