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My cousin Joe called me today to update me on Grammy, and also called my sister, because, you know, it's the cousin's job to notify family members, not the mother. One terse email to my sister from that hatefilled woman, and no further information whatsoever. Here's hoping she's an anomoly as far as the long lived genes in the family go. One less hateful, spiteful, incapable of loving anybody -
even herself - person in the world would be a good thing.

Anyways, Joe tells me that Grammy went in because she was unable to walk. She's been discharged to a nursing/rehab facility, where Joe tells me the plan is to get her walking again. I'm doubtful as to how successful this will be - she's 91 years old.

Joe went in the ambulance with Grammy to the nursing facility, and he said she's still a howl. She was cracking jokes about checking the patient roster the minute she arrived in order to see if any of her old boyfriends are there.

But Joe also said she seemed scared, and he was glad that he decided to skip out on work and be with her for the move. He said that whenever she lost sight of him during the transportation process, she would call out "Jody, are you still there?" in a nervous voice.

I am so not used to the idea of that amazing, confident, brash woman being nervous and frightened.

Oh Grammy. I wish I could be there for you.
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