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WAY too much time on our hands!

Amy and I have just come up with a menu for a feast of shit. And I promise, this is my last post today!


Stink links: Wrap cocktail weenies with bacon, sprinkle with garlic powder, bake until bacon is cooked. Skewer with toothpicks.

Cow pies: Ground beef, onions, and ketchup, fried up together and mashed into those little fried wonton cups. Sprinkle with french fried onions, the kind in a can.

Soup/Vegetable: My infamous Baby Poop Soup recipe (just ask and it's yours)

Another vegetable: Porky Pig's Poo: Pinto beans that have been cooked up with chunks of bacon.

Main Course: THIS meatloaf recipe: - which Amy has named "Turdloaf" because, wow, it's ugly, but we bet it's good!

Side dish: WHY are there ALWAYS corn bits?!?: Ground turkey mixed with worcestershire sauce and fried with corn niblets, served over minute rice that has been tossed with ranch dressing.


Diarrhea Sandwiches:

Manure Balls: Crush vanilla wafers and Oreos up, mix with enough softened cream cheese that they will form into solid balls, roll in toasted coconut flakes.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the words "Eat shit!", doesn't it?

Forgive me if this was over the top. :)
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