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For months now, I've been saying that if Hillary Clinton is not the Democratic party nominee for president, I would be voting for a Republican president for the first time in my life. This is based on what is basically my personal opinion about Barack Obama. The man basically pisses me off, but it's got nothing to do with his politics, his color, etc. It's been based on a comment he made in a debate that, to me, implied that Hillary was nothing at all without her husband.


The way I see it, no matter WHO becomes president in this election, the country will ultimately win, if only because Dubya will be gone. However, I've been rethinking my voting position.

Many years ago in California, we were faced with a gubernatorial election in which the two candidates seemed pretty alike except for the party they were affiliated with. I refer to the Wilson/Feinstein gubernatorial, and I can't even remember what year it was run in.

What I do remember was my then husband and I talking alot, trying to decide which one to vote for. Neither of us liked either candidate very much at all. Wilson was a jerk, and Feinstein, to me, has really always been a conservative masquerading as a liberal. So it was a coin flip for both Koji and I, who to vote for, who to vote for?

We settled on Feinstein, not because she was the better suited person for the job, but because of the appointments she would be making during her governancy, if elected. She would be more likely to appoint people that we would approve of for the various positions that would come up. So she got our votes.

There are a lot of important appointments that the president makes. Judges to the federal bench, particularly the Supreme Court. The cabinet. Ambassadors.

And the policy decisions that come down, very very important. And what the president will veto or sign into law.

I'm a realist. Senator Clinton cannot win the nomination without a major miracle at this point, I hate to say it, because I think very, very highly of her. I'll support her right up until the minute she gives her support to Senator Obama, because, dammit, I love the way the woman works and thinks. Once she hands her support to Obama, I will do as she will ask her supporters, and back him.

Even though I dislike Barack Obama as an individual, I think that he will do the job of president more in line with the way that I want to see the job done than McCain will. I think he will nominate open-minded judges to the federal bench. I think that he will be more likely to work hard to bring the troops home. I think that he will fight to keep abortion legal and safe. I think that he will be more concerned with the poor, the disabled, the young, the old, and design his policy accordingly.

Polls are saying that many Democrats will vote for McCain if their candidate of choice is not nominated. If this happens, we will throw the presidency to the Republicans for another term, and for what? Spite? Disappointment? Sour grapes? How stupid would that be?

The presidency should not be a POPULARITY contest, it should be a CAPABILITY contest.

Senator Obama, I'll see you in the booth in November, most likely. And you will have MY vote.

And that being said, if Senator McCain wins the presidency, he will have my support, because he can only be an improvement over the last eight years.. but I'm hoping the Democrats win the White House back.. and yes, the Senate and House, too.

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