Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas

Jenn's Hot Five Insulting Names to Call People

I've decided that every now and then, I am going to blog a "Top (some damn number)" list. Why should Letterman have all the fun? I don't promise amusement, but hey, I do promise you'll learn more about me than you ever wanted to know. However, since I don't know how many of anything I'll list at a given time, it's not a top whatever list. It's a hotlist. :D

So, here's my first hotlist.

Jenn's Hot Five Insulting Names to Call People:

5) Sheep fucking ignoramus
4) Dirty Sanchez faced ass licking asshole
3) Smegma breath
2) Foreskin lips
1) Fuckwitted fucktard of a fucknugget
Tags: hot list

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