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The Hotlist - comfort foods

Today I'll be discussing my favorite comfort foods. As always, it's a backward countdown, with #1 being saved for THE best, in my opinion, of all comfort foods.

7) Pizza - of course, this is one of EVERYBODY's comfort foods

6) Pringles - there's something about that perfect shape and the can...

5) Meatloaf sandwiches - One of the few things of value I got from the woman who bore me is her meatloaf recipe, which I have slowly improved upon over the years. And leftover, cold meatloaf sandwiches are OMG nomnomnomNOM!

4) Corned beef and cabbage - It's just so.. I don't know what it is about corned beef and cabbage.. but my mouth waters when I think of it, and the little girl in me begs for some, which is weird, because I never really ate it until I was in my late teens.

3) Iced oatmeal cookies - and an ice cold glass of milk. Oh heaven!

2) My original recipe, Baby Poop Soup - named after the color of Amy's poop when she was an infant, it's a scary green concoction that tastes SO good.

1) Kraft macaroni and cheese with a glass of milk
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