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One more thing: My shrink is God!

Been meaning to post about this.

I knew that my psychiatrist was having issues with Medicaid, but what I didn't know, and just found out yesterday?

He wasn't a Medicaid provider.

Every month, this amazing man's office staff has been pretending to take my Medicaid info and etc, and not processing the billing at all.

How did I find out?

I asked Juanita, the office lady, if he was on Evercare, my new Medicaid provider. She told me that he just got on it last week. I said: wait a minute.. he was a (I can't remember my old Medicaid provider) member, right? She said: Nope. We just started accepting Medicaid thisOOPS!

And she blushed and couldn't look me in the eye.

And I said, I said, I said, Juanita, are you telling me the Doc hasn't been getting paid for treating me?

And she says back: Nope, and don't let him know that I slipped and you found out. Sometimes, he takes a liking to some of the patients at the hospital (y'all remember I was in hospital last fall, right?) and just does them for free.

I'm floored. What a great man!

I'm glad he's an Evercare provider now, as he will be getting paid for the great stuff he does for me.

And I am baking cookies for him and his staff this week and bringing them in to the office, even though my next appointment with him isn't for six weeks.

Sam gets health insurance through the school next month, btw. Guess who he'll be going to for psych care?
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