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Churchy stuff

Yesterday was Gospel in the Park day. Every year (for the last two years, it's a new thing), Ponder UMC holds a barbecue and gospel concert in the town park. The meal is free, donations accepted, and they have a bounce house, snow cones, pony rides and loads of fun for everybody.

We went and had the time of our lives, and I really enjoyed meeting more members of the church in a social setting.

Today we missed the morning worship service because we were flat out exhausted. More's the pity, as we missed the pot luck lunch after worship too, and I had made an immense Greek salad to bring. But we slept right through the alarm clock.

Sunday evenings, we have a contemporary youth worship service, with a praise and worship band and a sermon that is geared mostly toward younger people. One nifty thing about the Sunday evening service is that they always put on a supper just before, so I was able to make sure my Greek salad didn't go to waste! We went to that worship service last night, and afterward the youth pastor, Brandon, grabbed me.

Apparently, the church sponsors a Bible Camp for the teenagers every summer, five days camping and having fun and learning more about God. Brandon told me that no child in the church pays, that that is why they hold Gospel in the Park, and that they raised enough to invite several kids from outside the church to come this year as well. And did Sean and Ian want to come? Our answer was, of course, YES.

Evan will be attending Vacation Bible School during that same week, so he won't be feeling left out.

I'm liking this church more and more. Two different women asked me for my phone number and email addresses yesterday, and the three of us have plans to get together once a week for coffee. Nice! :)

Amy arrives Tuesday evening, praise God. I have missed her so very much. It will be heartwarming to see her again.
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