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Letter to Hasbro

Dear Hasbro,

I have been an avid Scrabble player for almost forty years, the entirety of my literate life, since I was in Kindergarten and just learning to read and spell.

I will never, for any inducement, spend another red cent on a Hasbro product, including Scrabble, for which I have bought at least ten different boards in my life, several official dictionaries, and software versions of the game.

The fact that you didn't sue over Scrabulous "until you gave players a legal alternative" merely tells me that you took your time to make a stronger lawsuit. The fact that Scrabulous has existed for so long while you people sat with your thumbs buried in your rectums, which is WHY Scrabulous was able to become so popular, tells me that you had no intention of coming up with a free web version, because if you had, you certainly would have released it years ago instead of just this past month.

Hasbro will be a null and void brand name in my home. I will definitely inform everybody I know, including the readers of my blog, that Hasbro is a company who only cares about the almighty dollar, and cares nothing for the game players who have made it such a well off company.

You lose.

Jennifer E. McWhorter

Send your own email

I'm not sure if that link will work for everybody, and Hasbro does its flat out best to make the email link hard to find. To find it if the link does not work:

Go here and then up at the top. click the purple email tab.
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