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I dunno... should I marry him again?

Comparing elfi and nilptr
A thorough analysis. Unquestionable truths.

More Artistic. (nilptr's max: 22% ...elfi's min: 69.9% least 47.9% different)
More Cocky. (nilptr's max: 32.4% ...elfi's min: 60.3% least 27.9% different)
More Creative. (nilptr's max: 37% ...elfi's min: 87.9% least 50.8% different)
More Economically Free. (elfi's max: 26.6% ...nilptr's min: 29.6% least 3% different)
More Good. (nilptr's max: 72.5% ...elfi's min: 80.1% least 7.6% different)
More Mathematically Inclined. (elfi's max: 62.9% ...nilptr's min: 83% least 20.1% different)
More Introverted. (elfi's max: 63.7% ...nilptr's min: 86.2% least 22.5% different)
More Life Experience. (nilptr's max: 75% ...elfi's min: 84.6% least 9.6% different)
More Experienced in Love. (nilptr's max: 90.9% ...elfi's min: 96.3% least 5.4% different)
More of a Planner. (nilptr's max: 12.4% ...elfi's min: 22.1% least 9.7% different)
More Pure. (elfi's max: 38.7% ...nilptr's min: 45% least 6.3% different)
More Scientific. (elfi's max: 42.6% ...nilptr's min: 76% least 33.4% different)
More Experienced in Sex. (nilptr's max: 66.5% ...elfi's min: 77.5% least 11% different)
More Sloppy. (elfi's max: 92.2% ...nilptr's min: 100% least 7.8% different)
More Spiritual. (nilptr's max: 33.3% ...elfi's min: 83.3% least 50% different)

Link: See the comparison with sweet graphs. Individuals: elfi and nilptr.
Created by Harvard math grads: OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

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