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Church today was wonderful, as usual.

Our good friends Nita and Stacey (a mother and daughter who lived across the street from us before we moved last year) and Stacey's two girls, as well as Nita's sister and niece all came today. Stacey and Nita came last week as well, with the girls. They're loving Ponder UMC, and have decided to make it into their home church. Big move for Nita, a lifelong Baptist. She said she likes the openness and the warmth at PUMC. I have to agree with her there.

Jackie, the pastor's wife, asked Sam and I if we would be willing to be the church librarians. They have a nice little room chock full of inspirational books, all on the honor system for borrowing, in fact, we don't even care if they're returned, we just want them read. :) Sam and I need to make some order out of the many overflowing shelves and try to figure out some way to determine which books are NOT being read so that we can donate them elsewhere and free up space for some more of the many books people donate to us all the time.

Feels nice to be able to give some kind of service to this really amazing church community we have landed up in.

amaebi, all I can say is thank you for (in your very quiet and unobtrusive and gentle way) providing me with the desire to check out the UMC, and for all of the vast amounts of information you have given me. :)

Lovin' it.
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