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Regarding dropping LJ friends

Lots of people have informed me that the "person" I posted about the other day has stated that we are no longer friends, stating my name (real class there, "person"), and telling folks who are not comfortable having both on their f-list to drop them, and they will drop that person back.

There are no conditions on my friendship, just a heads up to folks. If you drop me, I'll only drop you if I'm tired of reading you on my friends page. But be aware, I will always call people on their bullshit when I see it. Even my own damn family, as you all know.

I don't care WHO my friends are friends with. Proof?

One of my very best friends is still close friends with the fucknugget and the hoer.. but she and I have deep and heart to heart private conversations on a very regular basis, and I have never once told her to make a decision between them or me, and I wouldn't.

And I'm sorry, but that ex-LJ "friend" is basically saying make a choice. I know that "person" well enough to be sure of that.

How sad.

That is all I have to say on this subject evermore. The "person" is simply not worth my time.

Thank God I have a life outside of LiveJournal.
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