Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas


2008-08-27 20:23:12 Boston Massachusetts United States MSIE (7.0) Windows XP



Can't keep away, can you? I'm glad to know you're actively following my life. :) Gives me a big warm fuzzy. :) Feel free to say HI in comments. :D

Haven't you found a life yet? You say you have no daughters, so why not just ignore us, you pathetic crone?

And you really should install Firefox. MSIE is easily infected with viruses and malicious web page code. Google about it. That's just a word of advice to protect your investment, and something that anybody with half a brain knows very well.

PS: I would avoid taking your MSIE browser to my personal website. You don't know if I have malicious code targeted at MSIE 7 there.
Tags: dtqotu

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