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Jennifer E. Thomas
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It's almost like there are these periods where our relationship is smooth and steady, and then there are times when it's like standing on the edge of this gorgeous, wonderful waterfall and just letting yourself drop, knowing that there's a safe pool of water ready to catch you at bottom. You take the plunge and you're in wayyyy over your head, but oh man, it's exhilarating, it's breathtaking, it's just incredible and you feel better than you ever have before and the water is cool and refreshing and exactly what you needed.

Sam is my waterfall.

- LJ entry from 8/2005


Every Human Has Rights

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Jennifer E. Thomas [userpic]
This is important


Please read it.

Borderline symptom of the day: uncomfortableunsure what I feel

I'm confused--your symptom of the day: unsure of how you feel--is that in direction correlation to the content of this post? Or because of something else?
If it's about this entry, then I'm uber confused. Care to expound further?

As to whether to be proud of Biden or pissed at Liberman or just not feel anything at all.

What a ... I don't even know what to say, for a change.

I see. And understandable. However, you can feel both, and would be entirely appropriate, would not be conflicting.
the differences between the two camps is insane, and which isn't clearly conveyed on regular news reporting.
If you were interested in Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but don't have cable, the manuscripts are available for each show at MSNBC.com.
I'm going through serious withdrawal and can't wait until Monday when he's back to normal broadcasting.
Clear, concise, honest, great collection of smart and realistic, grounded experts and analysts. It helps so much in the sorting of the crap, especially in campaign mode.
And because of such a good education I get from Countdown, my first reaction to the info (especially the title: "Oh, so he'll lead by being a windbag") behind the link was: "Uh, yeah. This is not a surprise, it's a no brainer."
So, that is why I once again espouse the value of my Keithie. That and the dirtbag faction bank of their base's habit of being low-information voters. They react and believe the first thing they hear, and it's always aimed at their baser, visceral cores. Not their intellectual, or practical levels (if they have any.)
OK, I'm done.
Thank you and shop again.

Want to warn on future posts when links are re: politics? The more inundated I get by opinions, the less likely I am to act. Thanks.

Oops, sorry about that, Jennsis. :)

The tag you assigned to the entry explains it and was why I clicked on it.