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My final words on Bristol Palin

My feelings about Sarah Palin and John McCain's candidacy aside.

I know from hard experience just how rough it is to be a pregnant teenager. I do NOT know what it's like to be a pregnant teenager about to get married to another teenager while in the national eye.

I do know that Bristol looked absolutely miserable onstage at the RNC, and I am betting something like this was running through her thoughts:

"They're all staring at me and thinking I'm a tramp. I wish I was anywhere but here. I wish I hadn't done it. I wish I could curl up and disappear."

I'm thinking, I'm with Obama on this one.

People's kids need to be off-limits.

Bristol and this Levi fellow of hers are entering into a serious commitment, with a baby coming hard on its heels. The odds are extremely stacked against them from the outset, just because of those two facts of their lives. Add in that this will all be played out on the national stage, and these kids have almost no hope of success in marriage without some sort of miracle.

They don't need pointing fingers. They need to be left alone. And yes, I'm guilty too, with my post the other day.

Yes, they made a mistake in judgement. Yes, they're coping with the after effects of that mistake. No, they did NOT choose to have their mother/future mother in law as a huge political figure. If this were any other kids in America, nobody would care except the local gossip monger.

I say here and now, the only words you will see me or hear me uttering regarding Bristol Palin, Levi, and their baby will be words of support.

The LORD bless them and keep them;
The LORD make His face shine upon them,
And be gracious to them;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon them,
And give them peace.

Tags: politics, pro-life, youth issues

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