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Oh Lord, WHY am I not homeschooling this year???

Yesterday it was jacket drama, as laurapatrick so poetically put it this morning.


First they decide not to get out of bed at 630, because...

Sean: We got our free lunch cards, which gives us breakfast too, so we don't have to wake up early to make oatmeal!

Me: So, you'll arrive at school at 5 minutes to 8 and not have time to eat there, either?

All three: Ohhhh...

So they proceed to get ready. Sean and Evan are at the door, waiting to leave.

Ian decides to sharpen all 25 of his pencils. Nevermind that he's been doing fine with just a couple of sharp pencils for the last NINE DAYS. Today, they must ALL be sharpened.

Me: Ian, quit holding your brothers up.

Ian: But I have to sharpen these pencils!

Me: Do they not have pencil sharpeners at the Junior High School???

Ian: Well yes, but they're not electric.

Me: GTFO OUT MY HOUSE!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! (insert headspinning and pea soup vomit mental image here)

Ian: (Races out the door with his brothers)

I collapse and come here to whine again. Yesterday, Sean and Evan. Today, Ian. What next? The dog???

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