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I'm working as an independent contractor for a web based company. I hang out and browse and wait to get a text message question sent to me by somebody too lazy to use Google for themselves. I search the answer, phrase it to fit within 120 characters, add a link for more info, and I get paid 10 cents per answer.

I work when I want, for as long as I want, so I can control my earnings to ensure that I keep them under the amount that would result in me losing my SSI and health benefits. This is a plus. So far, I see no downside. We're allowed to use humorous answers to totally dumbass questions, or to questions that are mildly offensive.

Some of tonight's stranger or more amusing questions and answers:

how to shake your ass?

My answer:
You put your backside in, you put your backside out, you put your backside in and shake it all about. That's what it's all about!

what is the best part?

My answer:
The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

What race has the smallest WEINER

My answer:
The race with the smallest weiner is most likely the National Dachshund Races. Dachshunds are also known as weiner dogs. ChaCha!


My answer:
We Can! (and I linked to Obama's Yes We Can speech.)

Saddest questions of the night:
I'm 17. Do I have to tell my parents if I need an abortion.

This one was hard for me to answer. I have to give factual answers to serious questions. I wanted to say that she really needs to tell them, they're her parents, they can help her. But I stuck to legal, and told her that this varies from state to state, and to check her local laws, and wished her the best.

Hard on the heels of that one came a question asking about the divorce rate for high school marriages. 60% fail within five years.

The two questions together made me think about poor Bristol Palin.

Anyways, it was a productive night. After tonight, I'm going to cap my earnings each night at $10, which will bring me about $200 a month if I take weekends off and keep me safe with SSI.

I'd love to earn too much for SSI, but I am literally uninsurable health-wise due to all of my medical problems. In order to stay alive, I HAVE to have the medicaid, and in Texas I can ONLY get that through being on SSI or being pregnant.

PS: If you want to do this, please tell them referred you! I get a bonus of 10% of my referrals earnings, which doesn't affect YOUR earnings at all.

Did I mention this is simple?
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