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Palin's "Foreign Policy Experience" adds up to NOTHING, people

Key parts of article:

Touting the credentials of his running mate, John McCain and his campaign suggest that Gov. Sarah Palin’s role as commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard qualifies as foreign affairs experience.


governors don’t have any command role in overseas deployments, or in the national security and foreign policy decisions surrounding them. That’s the prerogative of the president.


Governors are commanders of their state National Guard units, but their roles are restricted to deployments of soldiers and airmen within their states, said Randy Noller, a spokesman for the National Guard Bureau


But that hasn’t stopped the McCain campaign from claiming Palin’s role with the state Guard, and her visit to Alaska Guard members in Kuwait last year, as foreign policy experience.

“She’s been the commander of the National Guard, of Alaska’s National Guard, who’s been deployed overseas,’’ said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds during a heated exchange Monday night with CNN anchor Campbell Brown, adding: “That’s foreign policy experience.”

A day earlier, on "Fox News Sunday," McCain defended Palin’s background with a similar explanation.

“The point is she has been to Kuwait. She has been over there,” he said. “She has been with her troops, the National Guard that she commands, who had been over there and had the experience. I’m proud of her knowledge of these challenges and issues.”

And let's not forget her experience in the PTA, by all means!
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