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Not so open letter

I realize that you are only 17 years old and think that your shit doesn't stink, but that is no excuse for treating your entire family and my daughter like something you scraped off the bottom of your shoe.

I am tired of your constant cracks that my daughter, your stepsister, belongs back in the hospital. Unlike you, Miss Priss, she has sought help for her issues, and has been working through them. Quite successfully, too, I might add, since a girl who was in danger of not graduating at all is now graduating 8 months early.

She goes to school, she goes to therapy, then she comes home and tries to be a productive member of the family by cooking and cleaning, while you sit on the sofa with your boyfriend watching movies and bitching at her for making noise in the kitchen while she prepares YOUR supper - the supper you would bitch and scream about if nobody made it for you.

Then you have the audacity to physically intimidate her when she doesn't prepare the food silently and in the dark.

Bitch, count yourself lucky I'm not there, because I would slap you six ways from Sunday, simply because you need the wakeup call.

The older you get, the more you act like that bastard who provided the sperm that made you. Same superior attitude, same bullying demeanor, same total lack of decency and regard for anybody but you, you, you.

Selfish little brat, you are. Your mother should have taken a belt to you every damn day, and should be doing so now.

No love,

Your Godmother
Tags: assholes, family

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