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Military recruiters

Just got a notice from Sean's school that they will be releasing personal information about their students to the US military recruiting offices, that this is actually part of that ill-begotten No Child Left Behind act, they're required to do it, and I have until Tuesday to submit in writing that this is not OK for my kid.

I wrote them a nice little letter which I will paraphrase here:

Dear Ponder High School,

Under no circumstances whatsoever, no matter what the "national need" may be, are you granted permission to release my son's personal information to the United States military recruiters. He is fifteen and has poor judgement due to his Asperger's Syndrome and I will not have these people taking advantage of that fact.

Further, my son was not brought into this world to be cannon fodder for GWB or any other president. If this is indeed part of the NCLB, why have GWB's own children been left behind and out of military service?

When Barbie and Jenna Bush enlist, we might consider it for our children. Until then, no McWhorter child in the Ponder public schools is to be handed over to the military machine.

Thank you,

Etc, etc, etc.
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