Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas

Meme without questions

If you're named and want to play, comment with your email. Commens screened so spammers won't get your email!

1) born_to_me
2) Brontelicious, Deinos_imp, k2yhe, booyah136
3) ---
4) Ladyotterfae
5) jazzerat
6) beki
7) jennkitty
8) jennkitty
9) hitchhiker
10) Ms_interpret, minkydog, amaebi, born_to_me
11) ---
12) jennkitty, ehy2k, meglimir, beki, bfly
13) city_of_dis, margaret_leigh
14) smcwhort
15) ---
16) raginglunatic
17) pagawne
18) booyah136
19) raginglunatic, amaebi
20) memesis, symposiarch, fusionmobile
21) Farmleaf, laurapatrick ;)
22) smcwhort, duh.
23) see above.
24) smcwhort, ehy2k, booyah136, and too many others to name
25) smcwhort
26) I love you all, loonies. :)

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