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Moral quandaries

Some people make it very hard for me to continue my anti death penalty stance.

Like this guy they executed yesterday in Texas.

The man raped and murdered a 93 year old woman in her home, stole $10 worth of spare change, and cut out.

He was out on parole from a 10 year sentence, and during the time he served? He escaped once, and raped two other inmates.

What the hell was he doing out of prison?

Here's a fact: if he'd been black, he'd have never gotten parole. Not in Texas. No way, no how.

And because Texas is one fucked up crazy ass state, legally speaking, an old woman was murdered in her home, after enduring what was probably a brutal rape. I keep imagining my own 91 year old grandmother and it's got me shaking.

Assholes like this make it HARD to be against the death penalty.
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