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$4.88 in the bank, $12 in pocket. Waiting on Sam's financial aid check to come, any day now, so we can pay the water bill before THAT gets shut off on the 30th, and so he will have gas to get to school/work and the clinic. Stress stress STRESS!

The good news is that the check will be here by Friday, most likely. The bad news is I'm sick and tired of eating soup!

And did I mention that I'm out of smokes? And the $16.88 we have can't go there, it has GOT to go in the gas tank.

Please do NOT tell me this is a prime chance to quit smoking. I'm ready to kill something here, I would rather it not be a friend or family member. Well, for the most part.

ARGH! I hate being poor. But I'll take poor and loved over rich and despised any day of the week.
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