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Why my kids will NOT play team sports

Older players on a high school football team anally gang raped a bunch of freshman players with broomsticks at a training camp the other day.

And the superintendant of the school is calling this "hazing" and "bullying".

Hazing and bullying. Bullying and hazing. Repeated over and over again. Not one mention of sexual assault or rape in the entire article that I noticed.

And the perps?

Still walking around. One was expelled, some were suspended. Nobody has been arrested or charged.

And where were the adults?

Well, one walked in and saw a kid spread eagled on the floor with another student standing over him with a broom and told them to "cut it out".

Another, when made aware that this was going on, asked them as a group if anybody had been "violated". One 15 year old boy raised his hand, the older students started cracking jokes, and the "adult" assumed the admission of the victim was a joke and ended the session.

"School officials did not immediately notify authorities because they were not sure what had happened."

"This was a very violent, very serious form of bullying," the superintendent said.

PLEASE! It's not bullying, toerag. It's RAPE. Get it through your head.
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