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My desktop computer has died the total death. We can't sort out what is wrong with it, seems to be a motherboard issue of some sort, though.

Regardless, I am now using my Asus Eee mini laptop for everything. Since it's quite small and hasn't got a lot of CPU or RAM it's pretty slow, so I won't be IRCing or AIM/MSN/etc for a few days until we get one of the old machines up and running for me.

I made a teddy bear tonight for one of Evan's friends, this charming little girl named Sterling. Her birthday party is this Saturday, and I wanted to give her something unique, because she's a very nifty kid.

I go to the school every Wednesday to have lunch with Evan, and the minute he's done eating he bolts for the playground. Active boy, he is! Anyways, Sterling has taken a liking to me, and she always stays in the cafeteria talking to me. She's extremely intelligent and converses very nicely, and as I said, is charming and nifty. She's also about 5'5", and is only ten years old. She's going to be an amazon!

When I called to RSVP for Evan, Sterling's mom was like: "So YOU are Miss Jenn! Sterling talks about you ALL THE TIME!" It was my pleasure to tell her how much I like her daughter. :)

Apparently, Sterling has quite the crush on Evan, but Evan, being a ten year old boy, does not realize that she is a girl.. maybe in a couple of years. Perhaps when he's starting to catch up with her height a little! Right now he comes up to like, her knee. Well, you know, not really her knee, but he's a lot shorter than she is! :)

Anyways, the bear came out really nicely, and it took me about two hours from start to finish. I figure the next one will take me about half that time, because I spent a lot of time trying to remember how to read pattern instructions. Must remember to take a pic before I give it to her!
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