Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas

Me and Bette Davis, woohoo!

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Bette!

You are a Bette -- "I must be strong"

Bettes are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective.

How to Get Along with Me

    Bettes are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective.

    How to Get Along with Me

    * * Stand up for yourself... and me.
    * * Be confident, strong, and direct.
    * * Don't gossip about me or betray my trust.
    * * Be vulnerable and share your feelings. See and acknowledge my tender, vulnerable side.
    * * Give me space to be alone.
    * * Acknowledge the contributions I make, but don't flatter me.
    * * I often speak in an assertive way. Don't automatically assume it's a personal attack.
    * * When I scream, curse, and stomp around, try to remember that's just the way I am.

    What I Like About Being a Bette

    * * being independent and self-reliant
    * * being able to take charge and meet challenges head on
    * * being courageous, straightforward, and honest
    * * getting all the enjoyment I can out of life
    * * supporting, empowering, and protecting those close to me
    * * upholding just causes

    What's Hard About Being a Bette

    * * overwhelming people with my bluntness; scaring them away when I don't intend to
    * * being restless and impatient with others' incompetence
    * * sticking my neck out for people and receiving no appreciation for it
    * * never forgetting injuries or injustices
    * * putting too much pressure on myself
    * * getting high blood pressure when people don't obey the rules or when things don't go right

    Bettes as Children Often

    * * are independent; have an inner strength and a fighting spirit
    * * are sometimes loners
    * * seize control so they won't be controlled
    * * figure out others' weaknesses
    * * attack verbally or physically when provoked
    * * take charge in the family because they perceive themselves as the strongest, or grow up in difficult or abusive surroundings

    Bettes as Parents

    * * are often loyal, caring, involved, and devoted
    * * are sometimes overprotective
    * * can be demanding, controlling, and rigid

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