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An email from my friend Sonya

Hi, everyone...

I know that some of you haven't heard from me in a while, and I also
know that most of you have either already voted or would never have
skipped voting in an election as important as this one, but I hope
that you'll humor me a bit. You know i rarely send out mass emails
like this.

My company's ill-timed move also vastly curtailed the amount of
political activism I was able to take part in this election season, so
this email is a bit of penance for that.

To call this the most important election of most of our lifetimes to
date is no exaggeration. Eight years of catastrophic policies from
Dubya have us fighting two wars with no end in sight, our economy in
shambles, and sporting a national debt that would have made even
Reagan blush.

John McCain and (*shudder*) Sarah Palin look to not only continue
those policies, but in many ways to actually amplify them.
Consequently, it's not enough that we prevent these two from ever
seeing the inside of the Wihte House as anything but part of the
public tour by electing Barack Obama as President, we have to do it by
a decisive majority and do our best to give the Democrats a filibuster-
proof majority in the Senate so that what needs to be done to fix
things actually can be done over the inevitable objections of the
Senate Republicans.

With a razor-thin 51-49 majority that actually includes turncoat
Independent Joe Lieberman, the Senate Dems simply haven't been able to
get anything done because they don't have the votes necessary to end a
Republican filibuster, which tactic the GOP has used a record number
of times in the last 2 years.

What's more, those of you in California have the opportunity to make
sure that the religious right doesn't take away the hard-won right of
same-sex couples to marry and finally be recognized as the equals to
mixed-sex pairs, or the right of a young woman to control what goes on
in her own body rather than ceding that control to her parents.

So, what I ask of you is to please don't skip voting this year.

To please make sure that all your friends, family, and loved ones vote
as well...unless they're going to vote the wrong way.

To please vote for Barack Obama for President.

To please vote for the Democrats in all your congressional, state, and
local elections (unless someone more liberal like a Bernie Sanders
actually has a chance in your area, in which case, that'll work, too!)

And, if you're in California, to please vote NO on Props 4 and 8.

I know that you're already probably getting all kinds of propaganda in
your mailbox, but I hope that my personal entreaty is welcome
nonetheless. Please pass on this message or one like it. Like I said,
the importance of tomorrow's election literally cannot be overstated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

*hugs* to you all,

Posted with permission
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