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Three things meme

Snarfed from wings_unfurling:

What I Did Yesterday: Helped make history. Bought Guitar Hero for the kids' Christmas. Made love to celebrate history being made.

My 3 Favorite Games: Age of Empires III, Pharaoh, The Sims

My 3 Favorite Songs: Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen, Bad Love by Eric Clapton, Hold Me Jesus by Rich Mullins

My 3 Favorite Toys: My computer, my Babbling Baby Boo doll, my South Park Timmy doll

My 3 Favorite Snacks: Japanese rice crackers/wasabi peas/nuts mix, Lays salt and vinegar chips, hard salame and havarti cheese on Ritz.

My 3 Favorite Movies: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 50 First Dates, Beauty and the Beast

My 3 Favorite Books: Like wings_unfurling, I consider this an impossible question. My three favorite authors are: Mark Twain, Robert A. Heinlein, and Terry Pratchett. And number four is Amy Tan.

My 3 Favorite Colors: Cobalt blue, garnet red, Crayola sea green

The Three Kids I'm Tagging: Him, her and you!
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