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Sam gave me a card today, "just because".

On the front is a painting of two eagles soaring over a mountaintop, and the following words:

"No heart alone soars to the same heights that soulmates reach together."

Inside, Sam wrote this:

I saw this and thought of us...

Without you, I'd have been a broken down ex-husband, ex-programmer with no prospects and no hop. With you... I am blessed. A mathematician-to-be, a successful husband and father, a man with a heart full of hope and cleansed of despair. And I know I've been very good for you as well. A broken woman haunted by a traumatic past, not fully aware even of who you were, trapped in a delusional and abusive ideal of what love is... you've become more aware of who you are, you've learned what good love is like, you've become happy...

God has made us together what we could never have been apart.

I love you!

- Sam

I have his permission to post this here.

My heart is overflowing.

How can I be so blessed to be loved so well?
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