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Why it's important to link "real" life with "net" life

A good friend of mine died last week, a really REALLY good friend and here's the thing: like almost everybody reading this, she was a net friend. i never met her face to face.

I didnt even have her phone number.

If her brother had not been aware of Jen's rich net life and friendships dozens of folks would be wondering just where the hell Jen was.

So, this is important, people.

If you have friends you love on the net TELL SOMEBODY IN YOUR MUNDANE LIFE.

Tell them some email addresses
Tell them where your blog is, so they can leave a comment explaining what happened.
Tell them how to reach an IRC channel, or a url to a forum you frequent.

Alternately, tell a few trusted net friends how to contact somebody in your non-net life if you disappear.

The ripples will spread from there. it's important.

In my case, Sam knows where Callahans is, we met there. And he has my login info for this LJ, and he would post here if anything serious were going on. You'll read it here first.

If any of you died and I didn't know, if I thought you'd just disappeared, or I slowly realized you'd died, it would tear my heart out. So make sure somebody you can count on is able and willing to get the word out. Please, because all of us nameless, faceless friends out here, we may never have a beer with you. But the love we feel for you is REAL. Don't leave us hanging.
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