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So long 2008

Hello 2009.

It's been an interesting year, but not a bad one. Sam and I spent the first half of it sans kids, which gave us some time to get his health back together, always a good thing, and also some time of Just Us, which we never had, since the moment we married we had a passel of kids.

Saw Amy twice (!) this year. Two weeks in July, and three weeks right now. Yay. :) My heart is all a-flutter over this.

We found the Ponder United Methodist Church, Sam was baptized (!), and we fell in love with our church family.

The boys settled in to their new schools comfortably and earned excellent grades and recognitions. Ian has made straight As on his two report cards so far this year, Evan was on the student council, and Sean took a second place medal at a debate meet. Amy graduated High School and Andy started college.

Sam is getting on with school, sometimes stressing, sometimes not, and me? I haven't really accomplished much of anything except keeping the family on a somewhat even keel. I think I get to be proud of that, though.

Two good friends died this year, raginglunatic and meglimir, and I will miss them and laugh and smile over memories of conversations and silliness with them for the rest of my own life.

And I reconnected with two very very old friends from my youth, Amy and Alex, who I have missed dreadfully these past 20 or so years.

All in all, not a bad year. How was yours?

I don't do resolutions, but my plan is to just have a happy and healthy year.
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