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Root canal

As I type, Sam and Sean are at the dentist getting Sean's root canal, that our church is paying for because we sure as shit don't have $1800 laying around. We will be paying the church back when the student loan disbursement comes in, because we don't want to take advantage, and we WILL have the money within the next couple of weeks, but this needs to be done NOW.

I wish to hell we had insurance for the kids, including dental coverage. Gha.

And I'm glad I'm not there listening to the drill.

Did I mention that we are going to make Sean pay us back for this root canal?

Why, you ask?

Because for the last four years I have nagged him every morning and night: brush and floss.

And for four years, he has NOT. He tells me he has brushed maybe once a week if he felt like it, and hasn't flossed ONCE since I joined the family.

And now his teeth are breaking in half and costing thousands of dollars to fix. Am I supposed to stand over him in the bathroom and make sure he's brushing? I freakin' think not. Telling his brothers works just fine for them. When I married this family he was 12, more than old enough to parse a simple order.

He made his bed, he can lie in it.

Since Sean sure doesn't have $1800, he will work it off at slave wages. I'm going to have the cleanest house and yard in all of Texas for the next year or so.
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