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For crying out loud, Noey, STOP with the memes!

This one is wings_unfurling's fault. She keeps sucking me in to these things. AND she's stalking me! I swear it! ;)

List off 20 things that you have collected that others may see as strange. Some may be normal things, but you cannot part with them. No friends/living things/pets.

1) Crystal doodads. I've got an official Beauty and the Beast rose in bell jar, numbered and everything. Lots of adorable little critters, a castle my bestie Renee gave me that started me on this. I gave the Swarovski rose to my friend Cat because I couldn't stand seeing the damn thing - it was the first gift fucknugget ever gave me.

2) Disney Beauty and the Beast stuff. Dolls, pictures, Christmas ornaments, figurines including a spectacular array of most of the characters gathered together under a bell jar.

3) Books. More than I can keep track of, and all of them read over and over, really gotta go swap some at the used bookstore soon.

4) OMG shoes! I am not Imelda Marcos, but I probably have about a dozen pairs of shoes. Five or six of those are the same color and style I bought on clearance at Payless because they were comfy and $5 a pair.

5) Blank journals. I've got about 8 or 9 of them.

6) Hidden Object computer games. Addicted? Yes.

7) Photoshop filters. I can't get enough of them, even though I tend to use the same 10 or so over and over. But what if someday I NEED a filter that turns eyes into laser blasters???

8) Jewelry. Cheap stuff, nice stuff, I don't care. If I like it, and can afford it, I buy it.

9) Tack pins, Disney and Olympic and anything else.

10) Bears. Our family is Team Bear, I buy cute bears all the time. Stuffed, knick-knacks, pictures, shirts, pawprints that make me think of bears, etc etc etc.

11) Fabric. I don't have a massive stash, but I have what I like.

12) Polymer clay and accessories. Because I love it.

12) Acrylic paints and paint brushes, because I love that, too.

13) Small appliances. I have the toaster, the turkey roasting oven, the electric wok, the sandwich maker, the blender, coffee grinder, bread machine, TWO coffee makers (single cup and regular), microwave, miniature refrigerator, electric can opener.. I'm sure there are more. Next up? George Foreman Grill!

14) Dishes and cutlery. I get a nice set, family destroys it, I get new set.

15) Cobalt blue glassware. Whenever I see it, I buy it. Period.

16) Rosaries. This is a now defunct collection, but I have hundreds in all states of repair.

17) LJ Icons. I am hooked.

18) MP3s, but who doesn't?

19) Movies, because we don't have cable or dish, gotta watch SOMETHING!

20) Friends! I have the COOLEST friends, I love each and every one of you!
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