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So Amy's been offered a real paying job for this summer by my church. They want her to be a preschool teacher in our two day a week nursery school. She's the very first person they've offered the position to, because they like her THAT much and know how good she is with kids from her visits here and her volunteering at Vacation Bible School and children's church. If she takes them up on it, she'll earn about $1000 (it's only 11 hours a week) after taxes. She would probably get a second job as well, so she can earn up and save even more for next school year. With ANY luck, Chisolm Trail Coffeehouse, walking distance from every place she would be staying, will be hiring. They pay $9 an hour for counter people.

If she takes it, the plan would be that she would spend a couple of weeks at my house, a couple at Tori's, a couple at Kris's, simply because sleeping on my sofa all summer with zero privacy would drive her batshit crazy.

I am so hoping she'll take the offer. It would be great to see her all summer. If she doesn't, that's cool too, but this would be excellent job application fodder for fall.
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