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Church lady breakfast

So every Friday a bunch of us PUMC ladies get together for breakfast. We used to go to a place called Ruby Jean's, until the woman who owned the place was EXCEEDINGLY rude to some of us. Then we started going to the Trailhouse Coffee Shop, and today.. we learned that they are closing tomorrow due to lack of business.

We live in a tiny town. Those are the only two places around for breakfast. So.. what to do?

We resolved it in an INSTANT. We'll meet at the church every Friday morning. We'll trade off who brings something breakfasty, and we have coffee there already.

I'm up for the first breakfast. I'll be making Bisquick biscuits with melted cheese and crispy bacon inside them.

The other nice thing about this is we're going to make it a weekly ladies' prayer breakfast. It's not exactly appropriate to spend a half hour in prayer in a public coffee house, but in the church's fellowship hall, that works just fine, thanks.

And one more nice thing about it is that a lot of the ladies who are dealing with financial troubles will be able to come now, as they won't have to pay $3 for a cup of coffee.

God is working in Ponder, TX, as always.
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