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Jennifer E. Thomas
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It's almost like there are these periods where our relationship is smooth and steady, and then there are times when it's like standing on the edge of this gorgeous, wonderful waterfall and just letting yourself drop, knowing that there's a safe pool of water ready to catch you at bottom. You take the plunge and you're in wayyyy over your head, but oh man, it's exhilarating, it's breathtaking, it's just incredible and you feel better than you ever have before and the water is cool and refreshing and exactly what you needed.

Sam is my waterfall.

- LJ entry from 8/2005


Every Human Has Rights

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Jennifer E. Thomas [userpic]

Is it a weird coincidence that the two men who make me laugh more than anybody else are both named Samuel?

I speak, of course, of my wonderful husband, and the great Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain.

Just a random thought. I'll be posting more of this weirdness as time goes on, just because.

Borderline symptom of the day: contemplativecontemplative

Yeah, see, for me it's 'George'...Carlin and Bush.

Alas, only one of those made me laugh intentionally. :P


Less we forget my nick. hrumph! LOL

i was just rereading this the other day, and laughing my ass off as usual :)

This is my favorite literary critique ever, followed VERY closely by...

Lord Byron

To the Author of a Sonnet Beginning "'Sad is my verse,' you say, 'and yet no tear'"

Thy verse is "sad" enough, no doubt:
A devilish deal more sad than witty!
Why we should weep I can't find out,
Unless for _thee_ we weep in pity.

Yet there is one I pity more;
And much, alas! I think he needs it:
For he, I'm sure, will suffer sore,
Who, to his own misfortune, reads it.

Thy rhymes, without the aid of magic,
May _once_ be read--but never after:
Yet their effect's by no means tragic,
Although by far too dull for laughter.

But would you make our bosoms bleed,
And of no common pang complain--
If you would make us weep indeed,
Tell us, you'll read them o'er again.