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What the HELL prompted this?

So, Sean has a pretty sore throat. The last we heard about it?

Three days ago Sean demanded that we take him to a surgeon to have his tonsils out. AfterI told him that they don't DO that shit any more unless there are serious recurring infections of the tonsils, he went quiet about his throat. Sam looked at his throat and it was inflamed and red, classic sore throat. Tylenol and liquids and lozenges, right?

Tonight Sean tells Sam he can't sleep because his throat hurts too much. That he thinks he has a fever, etc.

Sam looks in there, and the kid has white patches on his throat, and a bit of a sore. Strep, most likely, and we're taking him to the doctor first thing tomorrow.

When asked why he didn't tell us sooner that his throat was hurting?

"Ma would have just given me the brush off."

I have never, EVER, not ONE FUCKING TIME brushed off a health concern for my kids. When they demand a surgery that isn't done any more, I tell them it's not done, but we check the damn throat and we treat the damn throat. If they need a doctor, we damn well get them to a doctor even though we don't have any health insurance and have to pay cash.

I am ripshit that this kid is sitting there trying to basically say "Ma doesn't care if I'm sick, so I won't tell them until I've reached a really bad point with being sick." Where the HELL does that little SHIT get off?

Fuck this. THIS is what I moved away from my daughter for?
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