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Jenn's Hotlist - Things I've Never Done

Today, gentle readers, I will be posting my hotlist of things that I've never done. I know you're all dying to find out, right?

1) I lived in San Francisco for 20 years and never rode a cable car, never walked the Golden Gate Bridge, and never went to Alcatraz.

2) I lived in Boston for 20 years and never went to a Red Sox game. Shame on my Dad for that one, in one of his extremely rare male masculinity things he brought his girlfriend's son several times, but never his daughters.

3) I have never danced naked in the rain.

4) I have never experienced labor and childbirth, thanks to two cesarean sections.

5) I have never owned a gun.

6) I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who, nor read any of the books. I have no interest.

7) I have never read the Xanth books, even though my nickname all over the net is j3nny3lf. The nick has NOTHING to do with the books.

8) I have never lied to my husband, no matter what one person out there claims. She and I know the EXACT truth on that one, don't we JS?

9) I have never seen my two youngest granddaughters in person, only in pictures.

10) I've never had my appendix out.

What are some things you've never done?
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