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People are cruel

Sam and I went to Walmart tonight.

While we were in the checkout line, I realized I needed to go to the rest room, so I rolled off to do so.

Sitting on a bench close to the bathrooms was a young man who was (quite clearly) pretty profoundly developmentally disabled. He was sitting there with this huge smile on his face, and one finger up his nose.

Walking just in front of me were three very pretty college aged girls. This young man waved to them and said something that was probably a greeting, but his speech was very hard to comprehend. He continued smiling and picking his nose as he waved and spoke.

These girls busted up laughing, and started chanting at the young man: "EAT IT! EAT IT! WHY DONCHA EAT IT?" Then they walked on. The young man's face went from a smile to tears. Lovely girls on the outside. Ugly as sin on the inside.

I didn't know what to do. But I kept following them, as the bathroom was still coming up.

Just before I went in, one of the girls mimed sticking her finger up her nose and spoke in gibberish, and they all started giggling again.

At this point, I was done. I spoke up.

"You know, that guy can't help that he's mentally challenged. But you can help that you're cruel, unkind people. I'm sure your mothers are proud of you."

With that, I rolled into the bathroom as the girls turned and gaped at me.

I'm sure they had plenty of giggles over the fat cripple who dared to call them on their behavior, but I don't care. I'm a big girl and can defend myself.

But why pick on some poor guy who CAN'T defend himself?

Sometimes I hate people.

And I should have tried to comfort that young man, and to my shame, I didn't.
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